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XIOM Table Tennis

XIOM V1 Quad - Offensive Plus Table Tennis Blade

XIOM V1 Quad - Offensive Plus Table Tennis Blade

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Overwhelming speed and very precise control
Super performance which was realized by advanced ?Quad? technology

V1 QUAD is a high-tech blade which provides super power and precise control at the same time. Its overwhelming performance was realized by our advanced ?Quad? technology. Two layers of ?Energy Carbon? of very high efficiency of energy transfer are used directly under the hard surface woods. And, another two layers of soft carbon are used inside for adjusting the balance of performance. Though there are four layers of artificial materials, the thickness of V1 QUAD is only 5.6 mm. Further, it is lightweight blade. Extremely large sweet spot and the unique feel allow very precise control as well as super power. Heavy topspin and destructive smash are effortless. Block will always be very effective counter attack.


NOVUS TOUR CARBON family is designed for skilled, professional players. Advanced technologies are applied to the blades of this family for realizing the optimal performance. Their relatively thin construction provides sufficient deformation and sharp feel those are preferred by top players who mainly play with continuous topspin. They are faster than most of all-wood blades, but the ease of making strong topspin is the same level or even greater. Also, their large sweet spots will make table tennis more stable and more enjoyable. Players can easily dominate the high speed rally of modern table tennis, even with less effort.

Compared to NOVUS HINOKI CARBON, NOVUS TOUR CARBON is more captive. It means that NOVUS TOUR CARBON blades catch ball more deeply along with the increase of impact strength ?captive?. It also means that these blades are basically very good for continuous topspin play. The feel of NOVUS TOUR CARBON is sharp and stiff (hard). The information of impact is transferred to player?s hand directly and clearly.

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