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XIOM Table Tennis

XIOM Vega Intro - Table Tennis Rubber

XIOM Vega Intro - Table Tennis Rubber

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Xiom Vega Intro - a tensor based modern day rubber for enhanced accuracy, speed and spin.

Xiom Vega Into utilizes modern day rubber technology with built in tension. On ball contact, the Vega Intro produces a trampoline catapult effect on the ball. Extra speed and spin, whilst having a large degree of control. The Intro is designed for the serious player who seeks produce accurate power shots. A great rubber for the player transitioning into competitive play. Vega Intro utilizes Xiom's tensor based Physi-Elasto rubber technology.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Speed: 8.3/10
Spin: 8.8/10
Control: 9.0/10
Tackiness: Slightly Tacky
Hardness: Medium Hard - 45 Degree
Production: Made In Germany.

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