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XIOM Table Tennis

XIOM Vega SPO - Short Pips Table Tennis Rubber

XIOM Vega SPO - Short Pips Table Tennis Rubber

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Xiom Vega SPO - is a dynamic short pimpled out rubber designed for close to the table attack and block.

Vega SPO is a tensor pip designed for close to net attack and blocking. With Xiom's Hyper Elasto Tensor Technology and geometric pimple surface design, Vega SPO effectively neutralizes the opponent's spin and provides extremely aggressive speed for close-to-net play. The SPO pimples have more accurate and powerful dynamics against opponent's spin.

The medium-hard sponge and the pliable pimple top sheet are designed to maximize return aggressiveness with easier control. Vega SPO has a disruptive low throw angle to give your opponent difficulty and enhance your winning probability.

Create your powerful game tactics with Vega SPO and win with us.

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